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Young Realtist Division (YRD)

The Young Realtist Division was established in 1996 and re-established in 2018, with the new headquarters now being based out of Atlanta, Ga. The Young Realtist Division of NAREB’s mission is to empower our youth and communities through financial education, wealth building, career exposure, mentorship, professional development and leadership training.

NAREB YRD was organized to assist NAREB in membership recruitment and development through their efforts to:

  • Provide information and encourage college students to join the real estate industry
  • Provide membership orientation to new members
  • Encourage participation in all conference events
  • Make referrals to other affiliates

The “Young” in YRD has multiple meanings:

  • Young in Age – We’d like to really promote individuals under the age of 40 to be actively involved in the organization and give them a platform to have a voice & to become leaders.
  • Young within the Industry – People that are totally new to real estate related professions.
  • Young within the Organization – This typically means that you’ve been a member for less than 3 years or if you haven’t been to at least 3 National Conventions / Mid-Winter Conferences.
  • Young at Heart – This is a very special and needed category that’s vital to the success and guidance of the YRD organization.

We consider everyone that’s passionate about the empowerment of the youth, the next generation, and values the growth of the NAREB organization in general to be a part of our distinct advisory committee within our membership, regardless of age. Our advisory committee have been members of NAREB or in the industry for a minimum of 10 years.

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